Find out why seeing a licensed practitioner foot care nurse is the way to go! Jennifer Francis, LPN, provides a professional nursing service and is committed to practicing and teaching you about proper hygiene for your feet. She will talk with you throughout the process of the examination and treatment and provide you with the information you need on prevention, health promotion and services available to you in the community.

What to expect during your first visit

During your first visit, Jennifer will take a history including; underlying disease, history of foot health and your current medications. She will then thoroughly examine your feet documenting the foot structure, overall health of foot and circulation. After, she will examine the shoes that you are currently wearing to ensure that they are safe for your feet.

Treatment Includes...
  • Trimming nails

  • Filing nails

  • Reducing thick nails if needed

  • Callous and corn reduction or removal

  • Moisturizer cream, callous cream and others may be applied if necessary

Jennifer may make recommendations for you to see your local Doctor if problems are discovered during the history and physical examination. It is your responsibility to follow through on this recommendation for your best health and safety.

Optimally you should see the nurse every 4-6 weeks if you have underlying medical conditions or every 6-8 weeks for maintaining healthy feet.

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