There is a lot you can do to help support your joints and keep yourself healthy, mobile and pain free.

Joint protection is an important principle that we help you understand in more depth. The following are general principles, we will help tailor a plan that fits you, your lifestyle, your goals and your functional needs:

  • Maintaining muscle strength - strong muscles help support a joint and reduce stress on it.

  • Maintaining/ Improving range of motion - lack of mobility can lead to contractures, influence normal movement patterns and greatly affect function.

  • Using good body mechanics - learning how to use the strongest or largest joint for the job and maintain good posture can greatly reduce the stress going through smaller more vulnerable joints.

  • Local rest - resting a joint in a well aligned position.

  • Adapted equipment - some tools and modifications of utensils can help protect small joints.

  • Arch supports - the biomechanics of the foot can be supported by orthotics which helps not only the small joints in the foot but can also help the alignment of the knees, hips and back. 

Talk to your physio about specific exercises tailored to your needs

Exercise Regularly

Use heat and/ or ice

Control your weight

Eat a well balanced diet

Take medication as


Protect your joints - use supportive footwear, assistive devices, spints, orthotics, canes etc.

How To Manage

Arthritis Pain

Keep a positive attitude

Use relaxation techniques - Imagery, visualization etc.

Communicate your needs

Balance activity & rest - pacing yourself is key

Increase knowledge

Manage Stress

Acupuncture & herbal medicine can be a helpful resource

Use good posture - sitting, standing & lying down

Talk to your physio about your ergonomics both at home & at work

Treat depression

Regular physical activity can greatly improve your sense of wellbeing

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